Monday, December 8, 2014

day twelve

day twelve was a great day -- almost halfway through!  after weighing myself and taking measurements yesterday (and seeing measurable progress - yay!), it's so inspiring to keep going.  so, just like every other day, i tried to kick as much @$$ as possible. =)

i woke up, started my daily routine with my supplements, a protein shake, and then i went to the gym.  it felt really good to get a workout in on the weekend.  for a long time i resisted going to the gym on saturdays, but i find that it helps me stay accountable and it just feels good!

when i got home from the gym, i did some general clean up around our apartment and took a shower.  by the time i was out of the shower, i was hungry!  i made a shake in my nutribullet with ice and a scoop of all natural peanut butter.  talk about delicious!  i felt like i was cheating on this program by having such a decadent lunch!

in the afternoon, mike and i (as well as my parents) went to look at a house.  it's the first house we've looked at and we're excited / anxious / nervous / looking forward to the whole process.  long-story-short, it's not the house for us, but it was good to start the process.

the rest of the day included an impromptu meal out with my parents, relaxing together, visiting with friends, and that's about it.  sounds like a nice saturday to me!  and, what's better, is that because i'm following this program so closely, i was able to make an unplanned meal out work!

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