Monday, December 29, 2014

day twenty-eight

four weeks down...and i've almost completed my thirty days!!!!  woohoo!!!

and i'm jumping right back on to do it again.

why?  there are a few reasons...

1.  i like it.

i like the program...two shakes and one meal per day plus snacks.  it's easy for me to work it into my routine.

2.  i feel good.

i have so much more energy and feel more focused.  my workouts have gone great -- 4-5 times per week all while steadily increasing my weights.  #badass

3.  i'm not over-thinking food.

this is a huge one for me.  i love food.  there's no two ways about it...i love it.  and when i eat a meal, whether it's breakfast at home or lunch at work or dinner out, i want it to all be delicious.  but trying to plan for a week full of 35-ish meals is overwhelming.  when you replace a couple meals a day with protein shakes, there's less guess-work about the nutrients and calories, and it makes you really enjoy the meals that you do eat.  

and i simply cannot eat a meal that i don't like.  and why should i have to?  that's the thing!  i don't think i should.  the only problem with eating delicious food at every meal?  you tend to over-eat (at least i do)...even if it's healthy.  so by limiting myself to only one meal per day, i actually don't feel limited...even if that sounds weird.  i feel like i've given myself the program to succeed at my goals all while giving myself a choice of what my meal will be.  

4.  it's like re-setting my body

during the last four weeks, my body and how i feel has completely changed.  i have more energy and focus, but i'm not a completely different person.  over the course of the last four weeks, while i've stuck to it, i've strayed a little.  i had some wine.  i indulged in a dessert or two.  but -- in just a couple days i'm jumping back on the program with full force.  i've got a little less than five pounds to lose by the end of the year...but why not try to do that by thanksgiving or the end of the month?!

once again, if you have any questions about the 30 day cleanse and want to try it out, let me know!  everyone, even you, can release unwanted pounds of fat from your body.  it just takes a little bit of commitment and i'll be here to cheer you on! =)

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