Monday, December 22, 2014

day twenty-five

i'm at the point now where i really wanna weigh myself, but i'm going to wait.  on day 30 i will also be taking measurements, which i think speaks volumes more than weight loss about the progress a person has made.

i know i've lost inches as my clothes are fitting so much looser.  and i'm fairly certain i've lost more weight.

i'm looking forward to hopping on the program again just to keep myself in check through the holiday season.

will i splurge?  of course!

will i have dessert?  you betcha!

will i have a glass (or three) of wine?  i don't need to answer that.

but, i know that because of how regimented the program is, i can take a step or two off-course and not throw my entire weight loss journey into the toilet.  by staying compliant and following the two shakes, snacks, and one 400-600 calorie meal a day, i'll be setting myself up to not over-indulge.  by limiting my exposure to my weaknesses (sweets and wine) the majority of the time, not only will i be craving these things less anyway because i'm continuing to re-set my body's cravings, but i'm also setting myself up not to completely pig out on cookies and candy and brownies (oh my!).

you follow?

it's all about the mindset.  

feel free to email me if you have any questions about the program or how to get on it if you want to try out the 30 day cleanse!  i'm at the point in the 30 days where i can say i definitely recommend these products and encourage anyone who wants to rid their body of toxins to try this cleanse.  (it's not a colon-cleansing program, so if you're fearful of how often you'll have to go to the bathroom, don't worry!  it's not like that!  i swear!)  and since you've been reading all these posts, which i purposefully wrote ahead of time but saved until the program was over to publish, you know i recommend it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading any of this...definitely not day twenty-five!

anyway, if you wanna hop on board, let me know! =)

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