Wednesday, December 31, 2014

day twenty-nine

today my shipment for the second 30 day cleanse arrived...and am i pumped or what?!?!!??!

i'm so looking forward to continuing this journey.  

when i first joined kdr fitness in september of 2012, i wanted to lose weight and get healthier.  and funny, those things are still true.  i'm wearing clothes that are 3-4 sizes smaller than i used to, despite the fact that i've only lost about 30 pounds in two years.  now, don't get me wrong!  i'm wicked proud of my accomplishments and how far i've come.

but, i need to be more consistent...which is why i love the 30 day cleanse.  i get to still be creative in the kitchen and try new recipes, but i can't get all willy-nilly with snacks and calories because the program is so specific.

i should probably set a goal or two for my second thirty days...

1.  buy a new kitchen tool.

i'd like to have one of those gadgets that make noodles out of zucchini or squash.  i'm not a crazy pasta person who feels totally out of control without macaroni or spaghetti.  but, it is a convenient vessel for protein and sauce...and when it's made out of veggies -- you're getting your veggies!  this probably seems like a funny "goal" to have, but it's easy for me to get stuck in a rut with foods and meals i enjoy or know how to prepare, so i'm challenging myself in the kitchen!  **real time** update:  instead of purchasing this item, i put it on my christmas list.  santa (ahem-my-awesome-mother-in-law-ahem) brought me one!  i'm very excited to use it!

2.  body weight deadlift.

this one's scary.  i never make proclamations about specific weight lifting goals.  but, this one actually seems like something i could accomplish, or get close to and continue to work towards.  (**real time** update:  this one has been wicked hard for me.  so, it's definitely still a goal...i'm just working at it slowly and making sure i don't injure myself in the process!)

right now, using the "beast", similar bar set-up shown below, i have lifted as much as 135.  (remember this post is a month old, so i could be well on my way to getting to my body weight!)  i figure if i consistently add 10-20 pounds per session, i could reach the coveted body weight deadlift by the end of the year...but even if i don't get there by then, i'm still keeping it as a goal to work towards.

image via amazon

now, i'm not someone with lofty powerlifting goals or someone who wants to compete with others.  mostly because while i can be competitive, i'm also a perfectionist, so if i don't do my best, then i'm certainly not competing with others who potentially could be doing their best.  it would be setting myself up for failure head games.  and i don't like head games.

instead, i'm going to work toward completing my own body weight deadlift.  just because i want to.  and i'm hoping my body weight goes down some more so it will be just that much easier to reach! =)


have you set any goals lately?  any goals that would be scary to put out there on the internet?

are you interested in checking out this 30 day cleanse?  i can't wait to share my results tomorrow!  i've been holding off on measuring myself, but i know i'm smaller.  if you're interested, just let me know!  =)

hold results will be in my next post! =)

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