Tuesday, December 23, 2014

day twenty-seven

weekends are hardest for me.  and today was no different.  i love having lazy sundays, but lazy sundays turn to cravings and indulging in bad food.  today i kept it to a minimum, but i definitely didn't drink enough water.

during the week at work i have a system that has worked well for me.  i have a one gallon water jug that i fill up every morning from our filtered water sink.  the rule is that i must finish the gallon by the time i leave work.  i only failed one day during my 27 days so far, but i made up for it with the water i drank during my workout and at home that evening.

luckily, this has been one of the easiest things to get into my routine...except on the weekends.  i need to have a gallon jug at home and do the same thing there.

are there any tricks or tips that have helped you make progress in your journey?  i'd love to hear about them!

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