Wednesday, December 17, 2014

day twenty-two

day twenty-two was a great day.  i woke up ready to start the day.

everything was pretty average, but after i left work i went to the gym and had a great workout.  i didn't have a coach today, so i was on my own.  (not to be confused with being unsupervised...there were coaches there, just not coaching me.  i was in no danger of getting injured!)

i got started with my foam rolling, stretching, and warm up exercises, and there was a energy at the gym that you could just feel.  it was a positive, motivating energy as person after person entered the gym.  and people just kept coming!  it was awesome.

a new contest just started at the gym -- t42, short for 'transform in 42 days'.  we had almost 20 non-members join the contest, which is amazing.  it takes a lot of guts to join a contest or a gym...and to join a contest at a gym that you're not even a member of (yet!) is so inspiring.

while i was working out there was a class going on, which is what all the people had shown up for.  there were probably close to twenty people in the class and sweating along with them kept me motivated.  i added a set to all of my exercises and increased my weights on my beast deadlift.  i'm not breaking any records lifting 125 lbs, but that's still 30 more pounds than i started the program with -- 9 days ago!  i'll be doing that day's program again on friday, so i'll be increasing to 135!  #beastmode

i know i've told you before, but i really want to emphasize how important having a quality gym to go to really is.  going to the gym for most people is a chore, and some days it is for me too.  but that's based on my mood before i enter the doors at kdr fitness.  and then i walk in and am greeted by friendly faces -- both friends and coaches -- and everything changes.  the energy in our gym is always positive.  members are always cheering on other members -- whether it's to finish a tough workout or eek out on last squat.  and for me, that makes all the difference in the world.

working out, in and of itself, is a chore.  literally -- it's taxing on your body (a.k.a. soreness), it takes time out of your already hectic schedule, and it's exhausting work.  BUT -- if you can work out in the proper environment, working out becomes so much less of a chore.  

i challenge anyone who wants to start a fitness journey to check out their local gyms and see what makes each one different.  whether you choose to go to a 'big box' gym or try out a gym that someone just started in their garage...go with your gut.  but, i will say this... if you want personal attention, you probably don't want a big box gym.  if you want to learn the why's and how's of working out and nutrition, you probably don't want a big box gym.  but if you want to work out with a community of like-minded, working-to-get-healthier, lifting-to-get-stronger, eating-to-perform kind of're probably gonna want to go with the gym that started out in a garage.  like kdr fitness.  (no kidding, they started in a garage.)

if you ever have any questions about my fitness and weight loss journey or want to learn about the 30 day program i'm following, just email me! =)

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