Tuesday, December 16, 2014

day twenty

i'm so impressed that i've made it this far.  but truthfully, i feel great, so i'm not surprised that i've made it this far.

and, the more i think about it, the more i'm liking the idea of hopping back on the 30 day program again when i'm done with this one.  i might give myself a day or two (and a bottle of wine), but following this plan is terrific.  and while i'm looking ahead to the holiday season -- with parties and gatherings galore -- it sounds like a great idea to me to try to be 80-90% compliant with the program and give myself a little leeway for those special events so i'll be able to enjoy a glass (or three) of wine or a cookie or a piece of pie and know i'm not totally throwing myself off my game.  i think having the cleansing days thrown in there will help me too...especially if i have a particularly non-compliant meal or day.  

hey, i'm being honest!  it's the holiday season for goodness sake.  in the last couple years, i've either maintained or lost weight during the holidays, so i know i can do this.

(not without the wine though!)

i've also started making out my christmas list.  this year i'm hoping for some workout stuff for home -- a 16kg kettlebell (so i can do swings at home!), a resistance band (for many exercises, including aiding my pull-ups on mike's pull-up bar), and one of the new fitbit charge hr.  i've used a heart rate monitor before -- one of the traditional ones with a band that goes around your torso and you wear a watch-like monitor.  it just hasn't worked for me.  i simply cannot get the thing to work through an entire workout.  so i gave up on it.  but i want one to help track my hard work!

so...what's on your christmas list?  wanna try a 30 day cleanse?  if you're interested in learning more about the products i'm using and how you can too, just email me!

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