Friday, August 21, 2015

{friday philosophy} oh hi!

hello?  is anyone out there?  i'm here, i swear!

after a many-month hiatus, i'm really excited to get back into blogging.  there have been a couple reasons why mkp sat in silence, primarily that my laptop stopped functioning.  but also -- i've been intensely busy and enjoying every minute of it.

mike and i are very much loving married life have truly tried to soak up life without it passing us by.  

i've got some great plans for this little blog, so hang tight!  in the meantime, i thought i would ease my way back into this space with a little reflection.

and, if you're new around here, this is friday philosophy:  sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

one of my automatic responses to "how are you?" this summer has been: "so busy!"  behind it is absolutely zero stress about being that busy, contrary to the usual emotion you feel when your schedule is pretty crammed.

somehow i've managed to work about 55 hours every week and workout 3+ times per week...and yet, miraculously, i've still had time to do so much more fun stuff!

  • in february, we traveled to southern nh for a wedding
  • mike went to atlantic city for a friend's bachelor party
  • in april we traveled to northern nh for another wedding
  • we cruised to cozumel in march with mike's family on carnival
  • i joined the kdr fitness staff in april -- working at the front desk
  • i've had so many fun days with many of my girlfriends -- mani/pedi, lunch out, craft nights, dinner out, pool days, cork'n'canvas nights, and of course, just chatting!
  • i participated in my first powerlifting meet in may and am training for my next in october
  • we've celebrated many birthdays with friends and family
  • mike and i have done fun outdoor stuff like snowshoeing and paddleboarding
  • mike and i started house-hunting and even made an offer on a property (no, we didn't get it)
  • we've gone boating almost every weekend at my parents house, either with them, by ourselves, or with friends
  • mike and i saw comedian daniel tosh
  • i did the color vibe 5k with 3 of my best girls
  • mike and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip to lake george, ny  
  • i rode on a rollercoaster for the first time in 14 years...i was terrified at first, but i LOVED every second of it
  • we went to an incredibly fun 4th of july party with some of the most impressive fireworks we've ever seen
  • i joined the editorial board for a local publication
  • we went with friends to a brad paisley concert and have plans to see little big town next month
  • we've had fun bbqs and nights by the fire with friends
  • mike and i ordered a la-z-boy sofa
  • we've had meals out and grilled at home
  • i've become ADDICTED to criminal minds and currently have 120 episodes on my dvr. #oops 
  • mike and i went to trivia night with friends at Salt hill and even won a couple rounds!
  • and we've just cruised around to enjoy the beautiful scenery we have in this neck of the woods

so, i think you could assess that list and say, "yeah, she's pretty busy!"  and i have absolutely no regrets about it!  2015 has been a very good year so far.  of course, everything hasn't been sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns, but i don't focus on those times.  (like not getting that house.  that's a whole post in itself.)

i chose the word "fearless" for 2015 and i think it has absolutely represented this year well.  and i'm looking forward to more in the coming months.  i've said "yes" to a lot of things and it's helped to open my eyes to experiencing life without waiting.  (i mean, what are you waiting for anyway???)  

so if you look at that above list and say "man, i wish i could've done some of that stuff!", than do it.  i promise that if you say "yes" more and fearlessly look to the future, amazing adventures will happen.  as mike and i look to the future of our relationship and the slightly terrifying thought of adding children to the mix -- it's certainly going to add some chaos, but we're excited to shape their futures through saying "yes" to fun adventures.  

don't hold back because you're "busy" or "have busy kids".  go make memories.  they last a lifetime.

i hope you're ready for this's gonna be a good one. =)

happy friday!

Friday, January 9, 2015

friday philosophy

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

some days i truly wonder how some people make it through the day.  how can someone be so negative that they can't summon the strength to be nice.  or say "how are you?"  or smile.  and mean it.

{image via}

i'm generally a positive person.  i am nice to people.  i genuinely ask, "how are you?"  i smile at friends and strangers alike.

so for me, it's ultimately frustrating that there are so many negative people in the world that simply can't snap out of it.

i've blogged about it i choose to be happy.

but it really, truly bugs me when people can't just be happy...for no good reason.  

are there days when i'm not my cheerful self?  sure.  but, i'm never consistently negative, even with people that i dislike.  and i see people that are consistently negative, even with people they do like.  what gives?

so, i'm challenging myself (and you!) to strive to be have a better look on the bright smile...and mean it.

be gracious.  even when you're frustrated.

be nice.  even when someone else wasn't.

smile.  especially if someone else isn't.

we have all heard the phrase (or something similar) "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."  so, let's put it into action.  this world needs more kindness and less negativity.

when your friend posts on facebook that their life something to make it not.

when your co-worker can't muster a "good morning"...say it anyway.  with a smile.

when the cashier at the store is disgruntled...remember to thank them.

when you hold the door for someone who doesn't thank you...wish them well.

when you feel like there is negativity...add positivity.

if we all just try a little harder to be happy and positive, the world will be a better place because of it.

happy friday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 goals

as i have fearlessly entered 2015, i've been trying to think of some real, achievable goals that i can set for myself.  most of the goals i set are too general and not specific enough to really truly "reach".

i've been a "eat healthier" or "move more" kind of goal-setter, and for 2015, i'm changing that.  for one, i can set goals.  for two, i can reach those goals.  i just need to be consistent.  and that's the hard part.  amiright?

so, 2015 goals, comin' atcha.

#1:  simplify.

specifically, my closet.  i recently read a post on a beautiful mess called "being content with my closet" which lead me to a post on un-fancy "how to build a capsule wardrobe".  this is important shit, people.

in all seriousness, being overwhelmed in any part of your life isn't good.  even being overwhelmed with the clothes in your closet.  despite it being a first world problem, owning too many clothes has led me to want to de-clutter my closet, and i'm determined it will help me mentally de-clutter other areas of my life.  and, as a bonus, now my excess clothes will be put in the hands of people that need them.

i have a lot of clothes, but not an over-abundance.  when i like a particular shirt, i'm that girl that buys it in every color...but i don't own 14 different shirts...only a few styles in every color.  make sense?

so, i'm taking on the un-fancy challenge of paring down my wardrobe.

{image via un-fancy}
simplifying will also happen in other aspects of my life -- our home and all the stuff(!!!) and my desk at work.  it's easy for me to procrastinate picking up random stuff and organizing it, so for 2015, i'm making it a priority.


#2:  work out consistently.

my goal is to work out consistently at least 3 days per week at the gym, with the real goal of 4-5 days of working out per week...but 3 (at the gym) is the minimum.  the absolute minimum.  i don't have to only work out at the gym, but going to kdr three times a week is important.  (and fun!)

this is going to be challenging, but i know i can do it.  there are going to be things that i will miss out on, but my weight loss journey is more important to me, so it should be important to my friends and family.  sometimes i will miss a dinner or have to reschedule something around my gym time, but i'm not going to apologize for putting myself first.  and most times, if i plan accordingly, i won't feel like i'm missing out on anything.  

also, it's too easy to make excuses, even in the face of your own goals that you want way more than x.  and x could be cookies, wine with the girls, or a piece of your grandmother's pie.  (or whatever it is for you.)  for me, sweets slay me.  if there is chocolate in the house, i want it.  if there's ice cream, i want at least a scoop.  cookies?  forget it.  but, i have goals and i won't let a few cookies get in my way.  i've made up my mind what i want and i'm going after it.

{image via simple as that}

#3:  trust myself.

this goes along with my 2015 word of the year:  fearless.  i just need to let go and give myself a chance.

i know what i can do.  
i know what i am capable of.  
i know how hard i can work.  
i know how to make good choices.  
i know i have room for improvement.
i know when i'm doing well.  
i know when i'm making bad choices.  
i know when i'm sabotaging my progress.
i know what it takes to succeed.

and i know i can do it.

i just need to let myself do it.  trust the process.  trust my abilities.  trust myself. 

{image via}

#4:  weigh-in once a month

weighing in at the gym is one of those tasks that has anxiety written all over it.  even when you know you've worked hard, sometimes the numbers aren't what you're hoping for, so it ends in disappointment, especially if you weigh in too often.  but, going along with my goal #2 to work out consistently and #3 to trust myself, if i can succeed at those two goals, then weighing in once a month should be a significantly less daunting task.

i used to weigh in every two weeks, which, for me, i think is too often.  the biggest thing that fuels my fire is progress in the numbers.  

seeing that i literally weigh 5 pounds less than i did last time means a lot to me.  it fires me up to keep working hard to weigh 5 pounds less next time too.

seeing that i literally burned 10 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle means a lot to me.  it fires me up when my hard work shows itself in the numbers and makes me want to keep burning the fat pounds off and keep gaining strength.

seeing that i burned 10 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle is encouraging, but when my weight is still the same, it feels like a bummer.  so, that's why i'm going to start weighing in once a month.

and staying off the scale at home.  (<--that's hard.)

{image via}

#5:  say "yes" more.

going along with my 2015 word of the year, i am ready to do some shit.

road trip?  sure!

5k?  why not two?!

cork and canvas?  obv.

ice skating?  gotta get back into it!

zip-lining?  yup!

hit the links?  got to!

cruise to cozumel?  already booked!

try a new food?  i'm always game!

sporting event?  only if it's the bruins, red sox, celtics, or pats!

concert?  it's been a couple years!

oh yeah....and let's add go-to-the-bank-to-get-pre-approved-for-a-mortgage to the list!  

so, long story short...2015 is going to be one hell of a ride.  and i can't wait!


have you set any goals for 2015?  please email them to me!  i would not only love to hear about them, but we can help support each other and get us to our goals faster!

happy new year!

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