Friday, January 9, 2015

friday philosophy

sometimes i come across a quote that bears some kind of significance and i want to share it with you dear readers.  sometimes it's based on where i am in life or a certain event, sometimes a quote just reminds me of a friend, or sometimes it makes me think.

some days i truly wonder how some people make it through the day.  how can someone be so negative that they can't summon the strength to be nice.  or say "how are you?"  or smile.  and mean it.

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i'm generally a positive person.  i am nice to people.  i genuinely ask, "how are you?"  i smile at friends and strangers alike.

so for me, it's ultimately frustrating that there are so many negative people in the world that simply can't snap out of it.

i've blogged about it i choose to be happy.

but it really, truly bugs me when people can't just be happy...for no good reason.  

are there days when i'm not my cheerful self?  sure.  but, i'm never consistently negative, even with people that i dislike.  and i see people that are consistently negative, even with people they do like.  what gives?

so, i'm challenging myself (and you!) to strive to be have a better look on the bright smile...and mean it.

be gracious.  even when you're frustrated.

be nice.  even when someone else wasn't.

smile.  especially if someone else isn't.

we have all heard the phrase (or something similar) "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."  so, let's put it into action.  this world needs more kindness and less negativity.

when your friend posts on facebook that their life something to make it not.

when your co-worker can't muster a "good morning"...say it anyway.  with a smile.

when the cashier at the store is disgruntled...remember to thank them.

when you hold the door for someone who doesn't thank you...wish them well.

when you feel like there is negativity...add positivity.

if we all just try a little harder to be happy and positive, the world will be a better place because of it.

happy friday!

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