Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 word of the year {growth}

happy new year! it's hard to believe 2015 came and went so quickly. i had, like most of us, a year with lots of ups and downs. many things went as planned, some very unexpected things happened, but in the end i feel lucky to have made it through with a healthy body and a heart overflowing with love.

my first year choosing a word of the year was 2014 -- i chose {love} for my descriptor and motivator for the year. it was the year i married my best friend and while i didn't really need a reminder to love and be loved, it was a nice way to honor the emotion that would take over my heart and soul.

for 2015 i chose {fearless} because that's what i wanted to be. i think i successfully lived fearlessly last year -- even competing in my first powerlifting competition. i am always down for an adventure, but sometimes it's the simple things that cripple me from taking a leap...having the word {fearless} in the back of my mind all year helped me dive in and live out loud.

For 2016 i chose {growth}. i want to grow -- in my goals, in my relationships, in every aspect of my life -- i want to be better, do better, and growing is how that will happen.

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so that is my inspiration for 2016 -- to grow in love, to grow in life...because i want to utilize every day as a way to improve.

what word will you choose for 2016?


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